Question:  So, how can you receive $50 of your NLMFA

football or $40 of your NLMFA cheerleading registration returned to you this year? 


Answer:  There are TWO simple ways!








OPTION #1:  Get a few small (or large) businesses to sponsor NLMFA!  Just follow the steps below.  With a minimum of $300.00 in business sponsorship(s), your registration is FREE!



1)  Print out a few copies of the NLMFA Business Sponsor Form here.


2)  Read this form in its entirety, so that you understand it and can encourage a business owner to sponsor NLMFA. 


3)  Along with your parent or guardian, take this form to local businesses and ask them if they would like to become a sponsor.


4)  Collect a minimum of $300.00 in business sponsorships (can be one or multiple sponsorships) and your registration is FREE!


5)  Contact our treasurer to make arrangements to hand in your sponsorships and receive your registration refund!







OPTION #2:* Sell Raffle Tickets

Any football player or cheerleader who sells 30 raffle tickets will have their choice to receive $50 of their football registration or $40 of their cheer registration returned or get 10 raffle tickets entered in the drawing with their name.


(If a participant received a free registration incentive for getting sponsorships they will receive 10 raffle tickets in the drawing.)






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