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The NLMFA's mission is to conduct a program of supervised football and cheerleading for boys and girls that:

  • Teaches character

  • Supports citizenship

  • Promotes mental and physical fitness

  • Models good sportsmanship


The NLMFA will to provide student-athletes with the fundamentals to compete in intramural and high school sports; to introduce and prepare student-athletes for lifelong contributions to team work; to embrace discipline while operating  with integrity that is compliant with the CFA and Northern Lebanon High School guidelines. Every athlete in our program will be treated with respect and dignity as we strive to reach our potential as a team and as individuals.




Our philosophy is to establish a fundamentally sound and committed athlete who believes both athletic and academic contests are essential. Coaches will be committed in creating a youth environment that strives to achieve high academic and athletic standards. 


To accomplish those standards, coaches will pursue every avenue available to ensure each participant receives the necessary tools for success on and off the field.  Goals set forth by the coaches will be challenging but attainable and embody an integrated work ethic.  All goals should embrace the “whole community experience” – which encompasses members of the NLMFA coaching staff, NLMFA board members, parents, family members, as well as the local community. Support from the whole community is vital in developing our youth. 


With a concerted effort, hard work, and a never ending desire to do our best, we can accomplish a complete learning experience.  Listed below are factors that enable coaches to be triumphant and transcendent. Factors are, but not limited to:


  • Dedicating equal time to all players

  • Giving adequate playing time for players to showcase their development (weight limit considerations, any form of disrespect to teammates, officials, or the game, and chronic missed practices are repercussions to adequate playing time)

  • Developing multiple player skill sets

  • Providing a healthy and safe environment for all participants

  • Fostering a team first experience, regardless of an individual’s ability

  • Focusing on player development that builds a positive attitude in winning or losing

  • Giving the same respect to all players as coaches demand from the players

  • Encouraging two way communications between players, coaches, and parents

  • Adopting  whole community involvement

  • Simply setting the right example


In closing, we hope to cultivate a winning attitude on and off the field.  An emphasis will be placed on respect from all participating parties. Our coaching philosophy will embrace the league’s mission statement and program goals to help develop an overall positive reputation with a safe environment. Our mantra “All about the Kids” will be consistent with the single most important feature of all great youth programs…The Kids!


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