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Both our football and cheerleading uniforms are an investment for our organization.  The proper care and laundering of these uniforms is the only we ensure that we protect our investment and keep them looking new and in good condition for years to come.  Please help us to be good stewards of these resources by observing the following guidelines when you launder your uniforms.





  • Please launder your uniform promptly after wear.  Allowing soiled uniforms to stay in bags for extended periods of time is not advised.

  • Please wash your uniform in the lowest temperature setting.  Hot water can loosen decals and embellishments.

  • DO NOT place your uniform in the dryer - drip dry or air dry ONLY.

  • DO NOT use fabric softener with any uniform pieces.  The nature of the sports fabric, as well as metallics, decals, and/or embellishments do not react well to fabric softener and it can cause loosening and fading with filmy buildup.

  • DO NOT IRON any part of your cheerleading uniform - IT WILL MELT.






What does the football uniform consist of?


The NLMFA supplies each player with the following equipment. All of this equipment must be returned immediately at the end of the season in good clean condition.

  • 2 Game Jerseys (1 home and 1 away)

  • 1 pair of game pants

  • practice uniform (practice pants and 1 practice jersey)

  • shoulder pads

  • helmet with chinstrap

  • knee pads

  • belt

  • game socks

  • 1 mouthguard



What additional equipment should my child wear?

All of the equipment above is required to wear. Additionally, each player will need to purchase and wear a girdle with integrated hip, tailbone, and thigh pads. Beyond the required uniform items, most kids wear some kind of insulating, base layer under their pads. This can be a simple t-shirt, or it can be other compression type clothing. This is particularly valuable during cold weather play. Football is played in ALL weather so players can get cold if not properly dressed. Gloves are another common accessory. There are two basic types: Ball carrier and lineman. If you have questions, ask your coaching staff. 


What kind of care will my uniform need?

Different parts of the uniform need different kinds of care. Here are some general guidelines for helmet and uniform care:

      • COLD WATER WASH - separate from other garments

      • DO NOT DRY CLEAN OR PRESS the uniforms, this will discolor them


      • DO NOT allow perspiration soaked or muddy garments to lay in a pile or rest on top of each other for any period of time. Launder them immediately if they need it. However, it is not necessary to launder after each wearing. Simply hang them on a plastic or wooden hanger until the next practice.


      • DO NOT use chlorine bleach and do not soak the uniforms.

      • DO NOT use fabric softeners. Softeners deteriorate garments with spandex. They also restrict the effectiveness of Dri-Fit technology and act as a magnet for dirt.

      • Use mild detergent. Detergents with pH under 10 are recommended for athletic uniforms.

      • REMOVE garments from the machine immediately after washing. Hang the item from the leg openings if possible.

      • DO NOT DRY IN A MACHINE. Be sure the garment is COMPLETELY dry before storing and store away from direct sunlight

      • Finally: COLD wash and AIR dry. This is the key to keeping them looking and performing properly.

      • Always inspect your uniforms. If your uniform appears damaged in any way, report it to your coach IMMEDIATELY. Never practice or play in damaged gear.




Helmet Care:

  • Try keeping your helmet clean and free of debris. You can do this by simply wiping with a damp cloth. NEVER use abrasive cleaners or solvents to clean the helmet. Always inspect your helmet - paying particular attention to the fasteners that attach the facemask and chin strap. If the helmet appears damaged in any way - IMMEDIATELY show your Coach or the NLMFA  Equipment Manager. NEVER play or participate in contact drills with a damaged helmet.


Shoulder Pad Care:

Try keeping your shoulder pads clean and free of debris. You can do this by simply wiping with a damp cloth. NEVER use abrasive cleaners or solvents to clean shoulder pads. 



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