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Stan Kozlowski Award - Football (NL High School Senior)

   One of the founders of the NLMFA was the late Stan Kozlowski.  This award has been given since 1993 from the organization to a Northern Lebanon High School Senior who has played football in the NLMFA as a youth and then has continued to play through high school.  The award is given to a student who exemplifies the spirit of Stan Kozlowski - both academic and athletic excellence.  The award is not only a trophy, but also comes with a $500.00 scholarship to the college or technical school of the recipient's choice.

             Stan Kozlowski Award Winners

2022 - No Recipient

2021 - Kalani Adams

2020 - Nate Shirk

2019 - Chase Bressler

2018 - Eyan Margut

2017 - Stephen Herb

2016-  Luke Funck

2015 - Matthew Vines

2014 - Isaac Ray

2013 - Derek Diangelis

2012 - Ryan Kelliher

2011- Ryan Daub

2010 - Cody Reese

2009 - Dominic Diangelis

2008 - Matt Nolan 

2007 - Travis Dresch

2006 - Nathan Musslewhite

2005 -

2004 - Joe Benito

2003 - Grant Adams

2002 - Robby Adams and Justin Dresch

2001- Matt Hoerner

2000 - Jeremy Bender

1999 - Joel Northridge

1998 - Chris Bournias

1997 - Nathan Himmelberger

1996 - Tyler Longenecker

1995 - Kevin Sidauga and Andrew Sherk

1994 - Jason Royer

1993 - Chad Longenecker

2021 Kozlowski Award winner Kalani Adams receiving his award during our end of season celebration from NLMFA Head Coach Ron Copenhaver and NLMFA President Phil Shirk.


Coach Brian Heist presenting the 2022 Heist-Man Awards with President, Phil Shirk and Head Football Coach, Ron Copenhaver.

2019 Heist-man Award Winners

Midget - Kyle Hitz

Pony - Camron Buchmoyer

PeeWee - Christian Spencer

Smurf - Darren Shifflett

2018 Heist-man Award Winners

Pony - Kyle Hitz

PeeWee - Bryan Mitzel

Smurf - Jackson Walter

2017 Heist-man Award Winners

Pony - Cooper Geppert

PeeWee - Ashten Putt

Smurf - Landon Copenhaver

2016 Heist-man Award Winners

Midget - Julian Bakos

Pony - Owen Stichler

PeeWee - Donovan Brandt

Smurf - Landyn Kline

2015 Heist-man Award Winners

Midget - Nathan Shirk

Pony - Blaze Watson

PeeWee - Luke Shaffer

Smurf - Bryan Mitzel

2014 Heist-man Award Winners

Midget - Larson Stichler

Pony- Kolton Adams

Peewee- Grady Stichler

 Smurf- Kyle Hitz

2022 Heistman Award Winners

Midget - Christian Anspach

Pony - Chad Kortright

Peewee - Mason Moyer

Smurf - Brandon Heist

2021 Heistman Award Winners

Midget - Caden Wolfe

Pony - Jack Kleisath

Peewee - Charles Werner

Smurf - Luke Shireman


2020 Heistman Award Winners

Season Canceled due to COVID


Heist-man Award - Football

   NLMFA players who receive this award will reflect the same dedication that Coach Brian Heist has shown throughout the years.  Award winners will represent loyalty, responsibility, respect, passion, and time for their team and teammates, both on and off the field. This award is not about the best player on the field, but about the player who goes above and beyond him or herself to better their team and the overall organization. Over the last two decades, Coach Brian Heist has put the players and the organization as his topmost priority, so that our youth football program remains one of the best.  

Awesome Lawson Award - Cheerleading

   The "Awesome Lawson" Award originated in 2014 and is given each year in recognition of a cheerleader who exemplifies the leadership, determination and talent of former Northern Lebanon graduate Kimberly (Lawson) Braasch.


   Kim Lawson Braasch graduated from Northern Lebanon in 1990 and continued her education at Penn State main campus where she cheered all four years.  Upon graduation, her and her husband, Scott “Crasher” Braasch, decided to dedicate their lives to the sport of Cheerleading.  They opened the first ever cheerleading gym in Pennsylvania in 1998 and today own three gyms, the original one in Pennsylvania along with two other gyms in Virginia.  

2019 Awesome Lawson Award Winners 

Midget/Pony - Sara Feagley

Peewee - Peighton Moyer

Smurf - Caralin Bush


2018 Awesome Lawson Award Winners 

Pony - Zeah Zerman

Peewee - Juliet Matthews

Smurf - Makenzie Hopkins


2017 Awesome Lawson Award Winners 

Pony - Lana George

Peewee - Ella Carpenter

Smurf - Regan Hatfield

 2016 Awesome Lawson Award Winners 

Midget - Victoria Hollinger

Pony - Coleen Gipe

Peewee - Emily Shirk

Smurf - Ryleigh Hopkins


2015 Awesome Lawson Award Winners 

Midget - Nicole Kelly

Pony - Sydney Shuyler

Peewee - Cynnae Duenas-Brown

Smurf - Cadance Hogue


2014 Awesome Lawson Award Winners

Midget - Kaitlyn Boisvert

Pony - Alexandra Shenk 

Peewee - Ally Mowery 

Smurf- Kaitlyn Criswell

2022 Awesome Lawson Award Winners

Midget - Skylar Kreiser

Pony - Stephanie Sierra

Peewee - Kendall Smith

Smurf - Lilah Rankin

2021 Awesome Lawson Award Winners

Midget/Pony - Samantha Ortiz

Peewee - Cloey Hart

Smurf - Rosalie Maulfair

2020 Awesome Lawson Award Winners

Season Canceled due to COVID

NLMFA Iron Man & Woman Club

The Iron Man or Woman Award is awarded to recognize any player or cheerleader who completes every year of eligibility (at least 1 year of smurfs) in the NLMFA. This award started in 2016.

2022 Iron Man Club Inductees

Jaxin Bush (Completed 9 years of eligibility)

Bryce Yocum (Completed 8 years of eligibility)

2021 Iron Man Club Inductees

Brayden Bomberger and Bryan Mitzel (Completed 8 years of eligibility)

2020 Iron Man Club Inductees

Donovan Brandt and Kyle Hitz (Completed 8 years of eligibility)

2017 Iron Woman Club Inductee

Victoria Hollinger (Completed 8 years of eligibility)

2016 Iron Man Club Inductees

Julian Bakos and Nate Shirk (Completed 8 years of eligibility)

NLMFA CFA League Accomplishments

2022:  Peewee Federal Conference Semi-Finalist (7th Seed)

2021:  Smurf Liberty Conference Smurf Bowl Champions

           Peewee Liberty Conference Division 6 Champion

           Peewee Liberty Conference Undefeated Superbowl Champions

           Pony Liberty Conference Division 6 Champion

           Pony Liberty Conference Undefeated Superbowl Champions

           Midget  First Round of Liberty Conference Playoffs (6th Seed)

2020:  CFA Season canceled due to Covid 19.

2019:  Smurf Liberty Conference Smurf Bowl Champions

           Peewee Liberty Conference Division 6 Runner-up

           Peewee Liberty Conference Superbowl Champions (3rd Seed)

           Pony First Round of Liberty Conference Playoffs (6th Seed)

           Midget First Round of Liberty Conference Playoffs (8th Seed)

2018:  Peewee Liberty Conference Division 6 Champions

           Peewee Liberty Conference Superbowl Champions (#1 Seed)

           Pony Liberty Conference  Division 6 Runner-up

           Pony First Round of Liberty Conference Playoffs (5th Seed)

2017:  Peewee First Round of Federal Conference Playoffs (8th Seed)

2016:  Midget First Round of Federal Conference Playoffs (8th Seed)

2015:  Smurf Federal Conference Smurf Bowl Runner-up

           Peewee First Round of Federal Conference Playoffs (7th Seed)

2014:  Pony First Round of Federal Conference Playoffs (8th Seed)

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